Keren Ashley



Clairsentient Intuitive Empath
Reiki Master Teacher
Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner
Reiki Attunements and Healings

Reiki Classes (Level 1,2, 3)


Please call the shoppe for availability.


Reiki Shares 5pm-6pm and Reiki Healings from 7pm-8pm on scheduled Sundays (see calendar of events). Call for appointment or more information on Reiki Attunements.

Walking her own spiritual path at a very early age Keren is very empathic and deeply connected to the earth,  her spirits, animals and energies.  A indigo child, she was born very psychic and sensitive to all levels of reality, having psychic experiences as a small child. It is no surprise Reiki became a prevalent part of her life. Always having a interest in energy healing She is now a Reiki Master and healer and uses Reiki in her daily life and spiritual practice. She studied Shamanic Reiki At Omega Institute in Reinbeck NY and offers shamanic Reiki healings as well as traditional Reiki healings and attunements.